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makes your animate.css rocks with jQuery


$(selector).jAnimate(effect, callback);

Animate elements with effect and call callback when finish.

$(selector).jAnimateOnce(effect, callback);

Animate elements with effect and remove classes when finish, also call callback.

$(selector).jAnimateSequence(arrayOfEffects, callback);

Execute a sequence of animations passed in arrayOfEffects and call callback when finish all.


$('#title').jAnimateSequence(['bounce', 'tada', 'wobble']);

Callbacks Examples

$('#title').jAnimate('rotateOut', function(){
  alert('animation was finished');
$('#title').jAnimateOnce('fadeOutDown', function(self, effect){
  alert(effect + ' was finished');
$('#title').jAnimateSequence(['bounce', 'tada', 'wobble'], function(){
  alert('sequence was finished')


Do not know Animate.css?

If you're new to the wonderful world of Animate.css, I highly recommend you visit this link, to see what you can do with Animate.css.

How I can use jAnimate?

Just include animate.css, jQuery, and jAnimate.js to your project, and follow the examples above!